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Hamro Ghar - Our Home

Hamro Ghar is our vision of the future home of DidiBahini, but it is more than just a building for us to work in...

What is Hamro Ghar?

Hamro Ghar will be a space for everyone, especially for women, youth and gender sensitive men who want to achieve gender equality and transform themselves and at the same time, want to develop activities to help others to build their capacity through the exchange of experiences, knowledge, and skills.

Under the roof of Hamro Ghar DidiBahini's staff will develop its programs to provide women, youth and men with an opportunity to learn about equality, social justice, peace and reconciliation.

Hamro Ghar will be a green building designed to reduce the overall effect of the build on the human and natural environment. It will use energy, water, and other resources efficiently and reduce waste, pollution and environmental degradation.

The build will aim to use natural and recycled materials that are available locally, harnessing the latest environmental technology from around the world.

It will be an inclusive space which takes into account special considerations for elders, physically challenged, pregnant women and children.

Why do we want to build Hamro Ghar?

Women, youth, internal migrants and retired people, among others, face distinct challenges in participating in the social, political and economic sectors of society. Although these groups are not homogenous and their circumstances vary according to age, caste, education, ethnicity, location and other cultural and socio-economic characteristics, it is widely acknowledged that they bear a disproportionate burden of discrimination and poverty in Nepal. These groups and their organisations do not have or can not afford a physical communal space where they can get together, create and develop their activities.

For these reasons, DidiBahini wants to build a green building to offer them the opportunity to get together and engage in social, political and productive activities, generate income, transfer knowledge and wisdom and thereby reduce discrimination and poverty.

DidiBahini will continue to support them develop strategies by networking, advocacy, mobilisation, gender mainstreaming and capacity-building with a focus on women and youth. This will equip them with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to seize social, political and economic opportunities, gain control of their lives and exert influence in society.

Where will Hamro Ghar be located?

DidiBahini own 293sq.m of land located in Shanti Nagar, Sinamangal, Kathmandu. The building will be located by the Bagmati River and will be designed to help improve the quality of life of the surrounding community, which includes a large informal settlement on the river bank.

How you can help?

  1. Contribute your technical knowledge and experience
  2. By participating in our fundraising activities or developing your own
  3. Making a donation (individual donor or organization)
  4. Contribute building materials
  5. If you are a green building expert or organization and want to build a green building in Nepal, we'd love to hear from you
  6. If you are interested in green buildings and want to help us to build it, you can become a volunteer

Hamro Ghar, Our Home, will be the first of it's kind in Nepal. Leading the way in the field, showing others that it is possible to create something special which brings people together in a clean and green space.

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