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In the past DidiBahini has hosted many volunteers, people who have wanted to contribute something to the work DidiBahini are doing and also want to have a rewarding experience. Those volunteers have come from both Nepal and abroad, some work for a few weeks and others months, all giving their time and skills in the name of gender equality, social justice and peace.

Volunteers can contribute in many ways, some help with gaining funding, writing proposals, others get involved in the running of projects such as the women groups. If you have I.T. skills that can help, maybe you are a health worker? What ever skill that you have could help us make a difference!

DidiBahini are always open to people who want to get involved, so please feel free to contact us if you feel that we could work together in the future.

Julia Vonk, volunteer from The Netherlands

I am Julia Vonk, 21 years old, from the Netherlands and currently an intern for one month at DidiBahini. I recently finished my Bachelor Degree in International Relations at the University of Groningen where I specialized in human rights and conflict. This internship at DidiBahini gives me the opportunity to gain practical experience in this field and learn a lot about the society and political situation of Nepal. It is very interesting for me to see the peace and democracy building process of the country up close and be able to talk to various NGOs that fight for the implementation of human rights in Nepal. Also, I am very happy to be able to experience inspiring projects such as the ' Peace Enabling Awareness Project' at government schools and to be involved in the development of a new project on Civic Education, focused on women and youth. All in all, I believe I can learn a lot in the period I am here and I hope to contribute to contribute to the work of DidiBahini and share my experiences back home.

Claire Simmons from the U.K.

Having just graduated from the University of Essex (UK) with a degree in Politics and Human Rights, I was looking forward to my internship in DidiBahini as an extension of my work in the human rights field. I have worked extensively as a volunteer English teacher to Burmese refugees in Thailand, and I was keen to extend my experience in Asia. As it was my first visit to Nepal, and the first time working in a women's rights organisation, I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was hoping it would give me a better insight into the professional world of human rights. My one month experience within DidiBahini provided me with much more than this. I was welcomed into the family as a sister, and in between writing reports and drafting grant proposals, I remember sharing photos of friends with the other staff, and discussing what we would wear in the upcoming Teej festival. I also learnt a lot about the situation of women in Nepal, and in the world, and found a great passion for defending women's rights, which has stayed with me since. I have very warm memories of my time with DidiBahini, and I know my first taste of Nepal has left me wanting for more!

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