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Work Plan
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  Peace Enabling Awareness and Conflict Transformation Enterprise  
  Peace Enabling Awareness and Conflict Transformation Enterprise (PEACE) is one of the programs undertaken by Didi Bahini in joint venture with Community Action Center Nepal (CAC-N) and with the technical and financial support of Academy For Educational Development (AED). The project aims to identify the causes of internal and external conflict that is prevalent in the society.

This project attempts to empower and strengthen most vulnerable group of society namely women, youth and the marginalized people to bring psychological and societal transformation in the conflict situation through peace building activities.

It focuses on the inclusion of Women's group and youth which inculcates the values of not only empathy but building of the communities, which can significantly contribute to fostering dialogue and discourse on peace and security that is based on coexistence and cooperation.
  • Increase efficacy and capability of civil society networks of women, youth and victims of conflict (VOC) / internally displaced people (IDP) communities to effectively engage in peace-building and conflict transformation activities and processes.
  • Strengthen governance and peacemaking within key groups youth (women, women with disabilities, VOC, IDPs, and HIV AIDS) in 6 districts to increase the likelihood of a shorter, more lasting recovery period and enhance peace building and conflict resolution skills in local communities and with local support structures.
  1. Establishment of 2 Peace Enabling and Conflict Transformation Centers  
  2. Facilitate peace forums/roundtables at the national and local level  
  3. Facilitate peace building forums and workshops in 4 schools  
  4. Creation of a PEACE project website  
  5. Mainstreaming peace building and conflict transformation training & workshop with national civil society organizations & NGOs  
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