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Fact Sheet
Work Plan
This book is made possible by the generous support of the American people through the United State Agency of International Development (USAID). The contents are the responsibility of DIDIBAHINI and do not necessarily reflect the view of USAID or the United State Government.
  The project will support setting up of 2 Peace Enabling and Conflict Transformation Centers (Bhaktapur and Parsa district). The project will utilize the existing resource centers of DB for cost effectiveness and because these centers are well established in their communities. However, some basic equipments and facilities exclusively for the purpose will be provided by the project. The center will also be utilized in the process of developing peace website.  
  Emphasis will be placed on facilitating peace forums for specific actors (women and youth) and will provide space for people to come together to discuss the effects and impacts of violence—direct, structural, cultural—on their communities; what type of community they envision, and what can be done to build a lasting, sustainable peace on the local level and nationwide. Therefore, at least two peace roundtables with different stakeholders at district level will be organized within the project period.  
  With significant experience in working with youth and women with education focus DB will lead on assisting youth groups with facilitation of the program and working with teachers to integrate peace building curriculum into their regular programs.  
  PEACE will utilize the existing websites of CAC-N and DB and facilitate the creation of a linked web page highlighting the efforts, progress and challenges of the PEACE program in addition to the contributions of program participants and other stakeholders. Website design and creation will be sought from program volunteers and a professional technician will also be hired to support and train the volunteers. The website will also seek links to other Nepali civil society organizations engaged in peace building and conflict transformation and will also attempt to publish a hardcopy of program highlights and distribute to additional stakeholders in key government and civil society organization offices and resource centers.  
  As DidiBahini and CAC-N are both founder and core members of Shantimalika, one of the most active and widely covered national level peace alliance net works, PEACE will facilitate peace building mainstreaming workshops with Shantimalika member organizations (Dalit, Gender, Disability, single women and HIV/AIDS focused organizations) so as to promote peace building among civil society networks. Both DB and CAC-N will facilitate this process with significant input from women and youth councils; however DB will be the lead organization.  
  As the project team will be working on conceptualization, planning, implementing as well as gathering feedback of the training materials and process at the end of the project a complete manual is expected to have been published. Any similar programs and institutions in future can use the manual. In addition a fact sheet of about a couple of pages will be produced for wider sharing and dissemination of the experience.  
  Women peace council with 20 members and a youth peace council of 20 members have been formed in both rural and urban area of every district. Therefore, 80 participants are the direct beneficiaries from each district from Peace council. These candidates will be motivated to bring multiplier effect in their family and community on Peace building and conflict transformation. Weekly meeting has been conducted in the Peace council. In the meetings of peace council the district facilitators of respective districts has been giving non-formal education on peace building and conflict transformation.  
  As part of activities of PEACE project, DidiBahini organized five days residential Training of Trainers (TOT) program on "Peace Building and Conflict Transformation" for the potential leaders (both women/ youth council members and district facilitators) of Peace council. Training contents regarding "Peace building and Conflict Transformation" which included non-violence, conflict transformation, human rights, participatory development and empowerment was designed with the help of a professional training experts. The training was conducted at Himalayan Horizon Hotel, Dhulikhel. The training was organized to encourage to form peace building self-help and discussion forums in their own communities and to engage actively with their neighbors and other stakeholders regarding peace and conflict transformation and awareness raising.