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Resource and Learning Centres

DidiBahini is very proud of its Resource Centers, established in July 1995. Its purpose is to provide a platform for development workers to gather and update information on gender and development related issued and disseminate this information to the public. The Resource Centers are used by many agencies, both at national and international level.

Currently it has numerous publications related to gender and development issues. As part of the center's resources, there is a pool of experts in different fields who are available for consultancy and training. Resource and Learning Centers have been established for women to utilize in order to increase their social awareness and learning. Thus, to enable women to initiate or participate in the advocacy programmes related to issues that affect their lives. Therefore, empowering them to actively participate in the effective utilization of resources through governance.

The project allows, women to develop critical analysis on people with and without the use of power. They learn to control the process of identifying needs, planning, budgeting, implementing, monitoring, evaluation, training and education. They also learn to manage resources, as well as decision-making with the existing system.

The "District Resource and Learning Centers" (DRLCs) are currently in progress in four districts (Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur and Parsa) of Nepal and going to be set up at the VDC (smallest unit of local governance) level. The Centers are used as common platform for women to share knowledge and skill among themselves. Below is a welcome gesture to fellow forum members by women forum members from Bhaktapur District Resource and Learning Centers in a exposure visit.

Thus the project is designed to build the capacity of women's leadership through interaction trainings, workshops, advocacy and adequate development information. Our interactive youth forum group is an important part of our family and represents an initiative to mobilize the youth of Kathmandu to help the community at large. DidiBahini produces newsletters every quarter and has a list of publications which can be ordered.

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