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Youth Forums

In Nepal, many urban adolescent and youth lack choices and options. These youths’ parents, teachers and schools, took care of them, trained and brought them up according to what they think is right. Hence, young adults lack a vision of their own. They are in need for a proper friendly guidance and facilitation that help them sketch their own vision, develop leadership skills and educate them based on their potential skills so that they become the creator of their own destiny.

Many research studies done on young adults reveal that they lack future dream, vision and are unable to identify their potential skills. Therefore, they are living in confusion, dissatisfaction and unexpressed problems. The state, society, neighbours, and parents have somewhat neglected and restricted them. In fact, the recent ninth five-year-national-plan of the country failed to perceive any potentials of this group population and did not address the issues of young adults.

The youth population in urban areas are highly literate. Most of them are studying in private schools. They come from lower middle – upper middle class families. Some young adults lack parents' attention that has created frustration and gap between them. Similarly, some are coping with the overwhelming global cultural transformation, information flow through satellite, imposed academic pressures and lack of congenial and harmonious atmosphere for young adults, which this initiative wants to address.

The young adults that DidiBahini cater for are between 14 to 25 years. They are considered as the underprivileged population that neither the government nor non-government sector has addressed on how to develop them as a potential leaders on various sectors such as on science, technology, commercial enterprises, trade, health, empowerment, gender, agriculture, art and culture etc.

In 1998, DidiBahini set up a youth forum that aims to address the needs of young adults and mobilise their potential to the maximum for society's greater good. The forum is an avenue for the young to access their rights to information. Thus can help create access resources, which is their fundamental right toward self-empowerment. This will also give these young adults the opportunity to learn about reality of Nepal’s society and its different issues through experiential learning. Through this exposure it is hoped that the youth create their own activities in order to make a difference in other people’s lives as well as their own.

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